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Summary and conclusion

  1. The painless application of the Er YAG laser means a new opportunity for the treatment of facial skin lesions
  2. The maximal vaporisation and ablation and minimal coagulation are very advantages We found less postoperative reactions after the treatment of lesions lower that 1 cm2.
  3. The ER YAG lasers seem to be one of the best tools in the treatment of wide range of facial skin lesions in the every day practice.

Where we can use soft lasers in Dermatology?


The application of soft laser in dermatology and cosmetology - mostly as part of combined therapy - has got widespread in the therapy of symptoms of inflammatory nature.

The main fields of indication:

Seborrhoeic processes                                     Herpes symplex
Herpes zooster                                                  Multiform exudative erythema
Alopecia areata                                                  Hypertrophic scars
Ulcus cruris                                                        Laser acupuncture of wrinkles

Where we can use soft lasers in oral surgery and dentistry?


Nowadays the laser technique is getting widespread in the field of oral surgery and dentistry. Usually the laser beam can be directed even to hidden oral cavity areas by means of a dental handpiece. Soft laser does not replace the conventional dental or oral surgical interventions or chemotherapy but completes them in a way that recovery is faster and is associated with less unpleasant symptoms and side effects.
The most important fields of application:
Diseases of oral mucosa (aphta, herpes, chronic inflammations, stomatitis herpetica, gingivitis, gingivostomatitis)
Treatment of pain (trigeminus neuralgia, posttraumatic pain, postoperative pain)
Parodontal lesions (parodontosis, parodontitis, gingivitis, pouches)
Temporomandibular joint diseases (Costen's syndrome, posttraumatic pain, arthrosis, arthritis)
Salivary gland diseases (syaloadenitis, syaloadenosis, asyalia)
Following osseal operations (tooth removal, root apex resection, surgical tooth removal, cyst operations, correction and preprosthetic operations, implantation)
Dental inflammations (periodontitis, periostitis, osteomyelitis, phlegmone etc.)
The soft laser therapy offers favourable effect in the management of dental and oral surgical diseases associated with great nuisance (pain, swelling, nutritional difficulties etc.). Recovery time considerably shortens, scars can be removed sooner, postoperative pain and oedema are less.

Soft lasers in the family doctors' hand?

Prior to and during therapy, depending on the nature and severity of the disease, it is essential to consult the competent specialist (in a polyclinic, clinic or hospital).

Skin diseases:
chronic inflammation, herpes simplex, herpes zooster, ulcus cruris, non-healing ulcers, multiform exudative erythema, hypertrophic scars, alopecia areata

Oral cavity diseases:
aphta, herpes, chronic inflammation, trigeminus neuralgia, posttraumatic pain, postoperative pain, parodontosis, parodontitis, gingivitis, temporomandibular joint lesions, asyalia

Oto-rhino-laryngologic diseases:
chronic rhinitis, allergic chronic rhinitis, pharyngitis

ophthalmic herpes zooster

Laser acupuncture
according to the indication circle of the profession

Vascular diseases:
obliterative vascular diseases, postthrombotic syndrome, ulcus developed  on the ground of varicosity and vasculitis, sicca pregangrenic condition, decubitus

reumatoid arthritis, arthropathies, arthrosis, other motility organ lesions

pain syndromes, degenerative spinal pain, radiculopathies, rehabilitation of those with locomotor disorders, lesions associated with hypertonicity, childhood motility disorders, contractions, Little disease, conditions following brain vascular events (paresis, motility disturbances, flexural contractions)
inactivity muscular hypotrophy, atrophy, solution of forced positions etc.

Pediatric family doctor's use

A major part of lesions enumerated in the adult management, particularly:
allergic lesions
inflammatory lesions
stimulation of scar healing.