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International relationship

Laser course in Sao Paolo, Brasil
Maiorana (Milano), Eduardo (SaoPaolo), Gáspár (Budapest) and Gutknecht (Aachen) - team work.- Florenze, Italy
Carmen Todea Professor Timisoara (Romania) laser course
Brughnera Professor Rio de Janeiro, Brasil low level laser protocolls - work team
First Dental Laser Conference in Mumbay, Bombay, India and laser course
Prof. Naresh Thukral and his team Pune India- laser workshop
Prof. Ishikawa(Tokyo), Prof Gáspár (Budapest) Prof. Romanos(New York) - lasers in implantology consultation Hong Kong
World Federation on Lasers Dentistry team consultation Berlin, Germany
Prof Marita Luomanen (Helsinki)
Prof. Tsou Bruxelle
Ecto Derma students Prof Naresh (India), Prof. Tsou (Belgium) Vienna Austria
Dep. Of Dentistry of Ecto Derma in Timisoara International Laser Conference (Romania)
Prof Undt (Aachen, Germany) in Abi Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)- World Conference
Consultation in Maui Hawai, 
Opening Ceremony of Laser conference (Hungarian Academy of Sciences 1994)
Dr Vágó Péter, Dr Bánhidy Ferenc, Dr Gyulai Gaál Szabolcs- PhD thesis Budapest
Prof Eduardo Sao Paolo Brasil- first dental laser course in Brasil
Bratislava dental laser course- Medical University Slovakia