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Surgery of veins

Gaspar Medical Center introduced a new procedure for the treatment of vein diseases; re-narrowing of certain expanded veins can be made through a little pin-prick. 
This minimally invasive procedure can be option for many patients
The 200 micron thin laser beam shrinks, re-narrows the expanded veins.

Surgery, surgery of veins:

  • Examinations of surgical disorders
  • Diagnose of dermatological disorders
  • Examination of vascular diseases 
  • Conservative treatment of vasoconstriction
  • Diabetes Complications
  • Diabetic foot care
  • Varicosity, leg ulcer –conservative treatment, care
  • Varicosity- Scleroteraphy (injection treatment)-treatment with polarizing headlamp
  • Varicosity-most up to date surgical treatment –Endovenous Laser Variectomy
  • Surgical removal of shallow skin disorders, birthmarks – histologic examination
  • Haemorrhoid outpatient treatment with KilRoid -Baron Ligator

Laser surgery of varicosity –EVLV (Endovenous Laser Varicectomy)

Enlarged leg veins damage the blood circulation. At the beginning it causes only temporary discomforts, but during the years symptoms are worsening, they may result in superficial or deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, leg ulcer. Hereditary factors are the most important among the causes; endangered family members may avoid the surgery by preventive therapy.


Due to valve failure, there is a continuous reflux in the veins; thus increasing the risk of thrombosis and leg ulcer. Without treatment worsening can be predicted.
Temporary heavy or moderately swollen legs, painful night-time spasms – don’t cause severe aesthetic disorder. Spider veins cause important aesthetic disorder.
This disorder may appear in more stages: enlargement of collateral veins; enlargement of veins with oedema, inflammation, pigmentation, leg ulcer. Deep vein thrombosis and post thrombosis syndrome may also occur together with varicosity.

Surgical procedures:

Conventional surgery, laser surgery

The endovascular surgery disconnects the varicose veins from the circulation, without damaging the adjacent tissues. 
The laser surgery involves inserting a tiny laser fibre into the vein where it removes the endothelium; the blood vessels of the skin won’t be damaged, neither haemorrhage nor wound infection occur.
The surgeon checks the bandage after intervention, the patient mustn’t remove it.
It is compulsory to wear compression bandage or stockings after surgery. Medical controls are essential, in case of any problem after surgery such as fever, sudden swallowing, pulsating pain, and discharge from the wound – it is recommended to consult the operating surgeon immediately.
Surgery cannot be performed, if laboratory tests have shown pathological values (untreated diabetes, anaemia, haemophilia, etc.). After examination and treatment of these disorders the vein surgery is not contra-indicated.

Outcome to be expected

The first objective of the surgery is to eliminate the hemodynamic impairment and to cease the former typical symptoms; the second objective is to  have the aesthetically disturbing vein enlargements removed, the third objective is to decrease the congestive pressure of the spider vein varicosity, making the  sclerotherapy more efficient.