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PeriOdontitis Dental Implantation Risk Analysis PODIRA

Did you know that more than half of the population over 30, and more than 85% over 45 has 3 mm deep periodontal pockets, which indicates periodontitis? 

The periodontitis and dental implantation risk analysis can reveal your problem before tooth loss!

The PODIRA dental implantation risk analysis program is the unique, tailored tooth loss risk assessment and analysis program of the Gáspár Dental, with different benefits for patients and dentists.

It is a misbelief that tooth loss is related to older ages, tooth loss can occur earlier than most of the patients would have thought. You can learn your own risk factors even at young adult age.

By means of the PODIRA you will receive a written, objective answer and tailored risk reduction advices concerning the following questions:

  • How your general health condition makes you prone to periodontitis?
  • Which individual abnormalities of your organism increase the risk of losing your teeth?
  • What is the condition of your mouth cavity?
  • What are your prospects in keeping your dental conditions?
  • What is the condition of your jawbones?

Tooth loss risk assessment by GMC method:

Content, fields:

1. Screening of general health conditions

2. Screening and evaluation of individual health risks

3. Screening and evaluation of mouth cavity’s conditions

4. Screening and evaluation of dental conditions

5. Screening and evaluation of jawbones, bones