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Dental hygienic treatments

In order to maintain the mouth’s sanity, to prevent and to cure its diseases, - the oral hygiene, cleanness, and continuous home and professional care are of prime importance. First of all, it is a misbelief that dentists have the most expertise: the dental hygienists are the specially trained professionals of this field.

Ultrasonic plaque removal 

Why plaque removal is so important?

                      • The growing plaque deposit forms a pocket full of bacteria between tooth and gum, developing inflammation and parodontal disease, resulting in bone loss, loosening and loss of teeth.
                      • The plaque is unaesthetic, causes bone loss, bad breath, teeth discoloration.
                      • Parodontal diseases caused by plaque can lead to secondary diseases, as premature birth, brain hemorrhage or even heart attack at long term.
                      • The plaque is removed nowadays by ultrasonic device, not only from the visible surfaces but even from under the gum line.

Process of plaque removal

The plaque is removed by ultrasonic cleaner in our clinic. The ultrasonic device doesn’t make harm to the tooth enamel. The tip of the scaler vibrates at high frequencies, generating ultrasonic waves. The sound waves create microscopic vacuum bubbles and cause the tartar and plaque to break up without damaging the enamel. This treatment can be carried out without anesthesia or in local anesthesia (spray, gel).

After the ultrasonic plaque removal teeth surfaces will be polished using a special brush and paste. The smooth polished surfaces reduce the possibility of plaque attachment. The clean, plaque free surface can be kept for a long time by regular tooth wash, however, it is recommended to visit the oral hygienist for maintenance once by year at least, preferably every six months, if you have replacements or implants every 3 months!

The rebuilding of plaque depends on nutritional habits, smoking, genetics, and on the efficiency of tooth wash and mouth care practices.