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Teeth may considerably loosen due to periodontitis. They often shift in the mouth and emerge from the dental arch. Left untreated, the loose teeth fall out or can be lost after biting down earlier or later. To prevent tooth loss, one of the most efficient methods is fixing with arch wire. The loose, instable teeth are fastened together with a fix arch. After stabilizing the teeth with arch, periodontitis will be treated, inflammation will be eliminated; partial replacement of the lost bone will also be possible later. These procedures are lengthy and patient’s cooperation is also required; but the own teeth can be kept for a long time, their loss can be delayed. At a later time they can be replaced with bridges, prostheses, implants. 

Fixation of more or less loosened teeth is an essential chance to keep them for a longer term. Special orthodontic arch wires can successfully be used in fixing loose teeth to each other. Not only the stabilization but tilting of loosened teeth (backwards, forwards, inwards, outwards, upwards and downwards) is possible with the arch wires. Fixing with arch wire makes possible adult orthodontics and fixing of loosened teeth. 

The treatment can be successful only if the gum and parodontium are free from inflammation furthermore thorough plaque removal under gum line and laser parodontium treatment have been previously performed.

Fixing may be completed with bone graft; i.e. with replacement of the parodontium’s lost bone.

Excellent oral hygiene and inflammation free condition are essential to the successful bone graft.

Orthodontic arch wire is bonded to the surface of loosened teeth to fix them and remains in the mouth for some months.

Special tooth coloured substance is used for bonding.