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Rosacea laser surgery

Face or nose or both enlarges from excess tissue and can be reddish.
The nose is densely covered with reddish tiny blood vessels. Pimps, bumps may appear on the nasal surface.

In advanced stages nostrils can seriously narrowing, obstructing even breathing. This disorder is generally associated with excessive alcohol consumption. In some cases this is well founded, but rinophyma can occur without drinking even a drop of alcohol. 

Thanks to the latest surgery techniques, laser therapies are very efficient in the treatment of this disorder. One treatment is generally sufficient to reach the expected result. This procedure can be made either under general or under local anaesthesia.

Generally it can safely be performed as „one day surgery” the patient can leave soon after the treatment.

Frequency and causes

This chronic dermatological disorder affects about 5% of Europeans. It has been nicknamed the 'curse of the Celts' by some in England, because Rosacea affects mainly “Celtic” fair skinned, red haired, blonde, freckled persons with blue or green eyes. The rosacea, what may develop into rinophyma, has a peak age of onset between 30 and 50, rarely occurs in younger ages. It is slightly more common in women, than in men.
In men rosacea is often more severe, so rinophyma is more common in men.


At the early stage it can be managed with laser coagulation of enlarged blood vessels, calming medical lotions, careful cleaning.
In advanced stages, when the nose has considerably enlarged, special CO2 laser treatment can be an option. This procedure reshapes the nose similar to its original form, by removing the excess tissues with sophisticated, gentle laser surgery.
After the surgery the nose tissues are epithelizing. The new nose will be similar to the original one, as to its touch, colour and shape.