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Piezo surgery

The piezoelectric technology allows in bone surgery to make cuts in adequate length and depth. This can be carried out with curved, diamond and titanium coated insert tips.

The most important feature of this technique is that the bone cutting tip works via ultrasonic vibrations, enabling precision cuts, without damaging the adjacent bone and tissue. Consequently wound healing is quicker, and there are less post-operative pain and swelling than when using conventional devices.

The output of this special surgical instrument is three times bigger, than that of the conventional ultrasonic devices; therefore it can be used efficiently for the preparation of mineralized bone. When performing jaw bone expansion (alveolar ridge expansion), the piezoelectric energy allows a nearly trauma less cut, as a strong and efficient surgical method. Therefore the expansion of the toothless jawbone can be performed, regardless of the bone quality, even in case of strongly mineralized jawbone.

Its use is similarly advantageous in case of surgeries in the proximity of delicate anatomical structures, nerves, cavities, and to perform sinus lift.

This procedure became widely popular and everyday routine not only in the oral surgery, but in the implantology as well. Dentoalveolar surgery, parodontology, orthodontics, endodontics, cariology assisted by piezo surgery increased the possibilities of use in the everyday dental practice. Its use facilitates even a simple tooth extraction; therefore it is worth introducing into the everyday practice.