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Laser surgery

Why is laser surgery more advantageous than the conventional procedures?
Why are laser surgical procedures more beneficial for you?

Lasers are suitable for surgical and non-surgical treatments, interventions on the whole human body. Compared to conventional devices, they have several advantages, easing both surgeon’s and patient’s life. One of the most important advantages is that the incisions are entirely or almost bloodless. An immediately forming tissue results in cleaner wound edges, more precise cuts, and more aesthetic outcome. Less pain, discomfort, swelling, very low possibility of infection can be experienced. Around the wound considerably quicker cell regeneration can be observed.

There are two basic types of medical lasers:
            • High power lasers, for surgical purposes
            • Low power lasers, for reducing inflammations, enhancing wound healing, relieving pain. Before and after surgical interventions, they perform preparations, post-care, pain killing and other services to facilitate healing.
High power lasers are used for transformation of bones, tissues, but their scope of application is nearly infinite. 
They are used in the following specialties:
  • oral surgery, gum plastic, removal of bone parts’ and soft tissues’ disorders, facial disorders (birthmarks, warts, spots, rosacea, keloid, rinophyma, fibroma, expanded veins)
  • otolaryngology: reduces risks, bleeding, healing period of almost all surgical invasions
  • dermatology, cosmetology: make possible such kinds of face rejuvenation procedures, what cannot be performed with conventional technique
  • vein surgery: through a pin-prick, by the aid of a thin laser beam, nearly all vein surgeries can be performed
  • plastic surgery: smaller incisions, less scares, less pain and discomfort, better aesthetic outcome

Low power or soft lasers are used in the following main fields:
  • treatment of periodontal pockets, to eliminate bacteria, to halt the disease
  • tooth whitening, for the confident, attractive smile
  • pain relieving: in order to take less medicineto reduce swelling: your medical treatment must not be spectacular
to facilitate healing: to allow you to return to your everyday routines, the soonest possible

Facial skin rejuvenation; laser, chemical peeling

Functionally they are suitable for many treatments:
  • surgery: to instead of scalpel, almost in all specialties
  • removal of skin irregularities (warts, birthmarks, spots, etc.)
  • depilation
  • skin rejuvenation and embellishment (there are several face rejuvenating procedures and techniques)
  • removal of tattoos functional restoration of veins 

Treatment of ingrown nail, proud flesh

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