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Oral surgery

Oral surgery is a particular field of dentistry, specialized for the treatment of face, oral cavity, jawbones, teeth, lips, tongue disorders. Nowadays this specialty is called oral and maxillofacial surgery; in addition to diagnosing, exploring complaints, and solving problems, it has been extended by a totally new field, called FACIAL AESTHETICS.

Conventional oral surgery

  • Tooth extraction simple, special and surgical (e.g. wisdom teeth)
  • Dental surgery (resection, cysts, tooth hemisection, bone graft)
  • Laser surgery (fibroma, labial frenectomy etc.)
  • Implant surgery (dental implants, laser therapy of implant related disorders – bone resorption, inflammation, mobility etc.)
  • Bone surgery (bone graft, sinus lift, bone transplantation etc.)
  • Piezo surgery (removal of broken roots, teeth, bone transplantation, bone surgery with ultrasonic piezo devices)
  • Laser surgery of gum and parodontium (periodontal pocket surgery, removal of gingival growths, gum contouring, etc.)
  • Surgery under general anaesthesia- complex operations and full dental rehabilitationitáció
  • Oral surgery priorto dental implantation

  • New! Facial aesthetics!

    Facial aesthetics is one of the most recent complex programs of the Gáspár Medical Center. Unique in Europe, the program ensures in one clinic nearly all assets and possibilities of facial renewal, restoration or embellishment, e.g.:

              • Full range of oral surgery, dermatology, plastic and laser surgery treatments 
              • Team of worldwide recognized specialists
              • Application of the most recent, most efficient cutting edge methods
              • Unique set of laser equipment, (more than 25 laser devices)
              • Background of several other medical specialties
              • 3 operating theatres, hospital rooms, possibility of general anaesthesia
              • 20 minutes from Budapest Airport, excellent urban transport in the heart of Budapest

    The Gáspár Dental is one of the most important private dental and medical education
     centres of Hungary. 

    Our specialists are learning and teaching the latest procedures, methods all over the world, in order to make the Gásápár Medical Center one of the most up to date, most efficient clinic and education center.
    Application and development of minimally invasive procedures is one of GMC’s top priorities. As a result, our patients return to full activity within the shortest time, with the best medical and aesthetical result.