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General anaesthesia

Are you afraid of pain?
Do you want to sleep during your dental treatment?

Any dental, dental surgical intervention can be made under general anaesthesia on your request!*

Why to ask for dental treatments under general anaesthesia?
  • General anaesthesia enables precise and quick treatment
  • You can sleep during the whole procedure
  • If you have sensitivity/allergy to anaesthetics
  • Several interventions can be made during one session

Whom and when do we suggest dental treatment under general anaesthesia?
  • For patients, prone to nausea
  • For patients with anxiety disorders
  • When performing more, complicated interventions in one session
  • When treating areas, which cannot be appropriately anaesthetized.
*General anaesthesia is not included in the basic dental prices; it means always an additional cost.
Appointment for treatment under general anaesthesia can be fixed after an advanced payment of HUF 50.000. For full safety’s sake, chest X-ray, EKG, full medical laboratory examination and consultation with the anaesthesiologist are necessary prior to the treatment under general anaesthesia.