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To replace missing teeth there are more and more perfect solutions by the aid of technical assets and cutting edge methods. Artificial teeth placed into the jawbone-in other words, dental implants – can feel like own teeth for patients who lost natural teeth.
Dental implants require sufficient bone; if it is insufficient, the dentist can ensure the necessary stability of the implants (artificial roots) by building up the bone– in other words, by bone graft.

One of the basic preconditions of the implantation is the treatment and preparation of the oral cavity and denture, to place the artificial roots in the best possible conditions, and to ensure the smooth osseo integration period. It is essential to make panoramic X-ray, then to plan the procedure and to perform the dental preparatory treatments (plaque removal, gum treatment, fillings, etc. 

Efficient treatment of periodontitis and of periodontal pockets is of prime importance, because in the pockets there are colonies of microbes, causing inflammation. When not eliminated, they persist as local, oral or general systematic permanent sources of infection, what can lead to several failures and complications.
In conformity with the treatment plan, after the appropriate treatment of the oral cavity and teeth, the dental implant surgery can follow. 

The surgery can be made in local anaesthesia, with minimal discomfort. Multiple implants, generally all the lower or all the upper ones can be placed in one session. The dentist stiches the wound, they will be removed one week later. Depending on the implant type and bone quality, in the upper jaw 4 months, in the lower jaw 3 months of osseo integration period is necessary for the safe result, and then final crowns or bridges can be inserted onto the implant posts. For the toothless period temporary denture will be fitted.
Dental implants need regular home care and professional care at the dental office every 3-6 months. This is the precondition of implant manufacturers’ 10-20 years, eventually lifetime warranty. 

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