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Treatment of facial acne

Many people think that pimples make discomfort for a certain time, and they will disappear...
To see someone with marks on the face left behind from the pimples, everyone’s opinion will change. The acne may damage the skin tissue and leave a small wound behind.
Wound healing process is varying by individuals. It depends on the extent, depth, location of the damaged tissue. 
Furthermore depends on the severity of the infections, on the skin type, on hereditary factors. Pimples don’t heal without scare even if the affected persons do their best to avoid scarring. 
All the wounds are small inflammations; it is a favourable condition for scarring, if they become infected. Painful nodes, cysts containing much pus affect the deeper layers of the skin, and they leave more probably scar behind. Prevention is the best we can do.

Why the pimples leave scare behind?

The scar is created by the wound trying to heal itself. The damaged skin tissue behaves like a small wound when healing. If the restoration is successful, the reddish and raised scar tissue fades, because its blood supply decreases. 
It is worth to mention the so called pseudo scars, the macules, which may remain for up to six months, and then they disappear; no trace of them will remain... 
Pigmented spots remind the former inflammation for 1-2 years mainly on the skin of dark pigmented people.
If they aren’t exposed to the sunshine, they will disappear earlier.
The best way is to prevent the acne scars, to start the treatment the earliest possible! Best results can be achieved if the acnes are not older than three years.