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Botulinum toxin, active substance of the botox injection has been in use for decades to treat muscular spasms and in the cosmetology to diminish mimic wrinkles. Botox is suitable to diminish wrinkles of the forehead, the nose, between the eyebrows and around the eyes. 
Due to facial mimicry or bad habits wrinkles may develop. For example, squinting of the eyes may protect from bright light, but it is much better wearing sunglasses. 

Appropriate expertise can achieve excellent results with small doses of Botox. These small quantities injected into the muscle (are blocking the transmission between the muscle fibres and endings of the nerves) may smooth out even deeper wrinkles. 
The final result is visible in 3-5 days and lasts for 3-5 months. 

The treatment is also used to treat people who suffer from excessive sweating with Botox injections inserted into the armpits to prevent nerve signals from reaching the sweat glands.