CO2 carbon dioxide laser treatment

The carbon dioxide laser is the “gold standard” of skin rejuvenation. The conventional therapy is an efficient but a very invasive one, with considerable pain and long recovery (even 6 months).

The new CO2 skin resurfacing

The CO2 laser technique developed much in the recent years. The up to date devices can emit fractional energy. The treatment is nearly as efficient as the conventional one, but the recovery time became minimal.
During the conventional treatment the laser affects the whole skin surface; during the fractional treatment microscopic holes are bored into the skin. This treatment affects only 20% of the skin, so the healing with the untouched 80% is very quick, infection risk is minimal, and the outcome is perfect.

Effects of the treatment

The skin becomes tighter immediately after the treatment, and within some weeks 
  • the pores are shrinking
  • the fine wrinkles disappear
  • the acne scars improve
  • the sun damages soften.
The skin freshens, rejuvenates. Collagen remodelling starts 30 days after surgery, the skin starts to become tighter (lifting effect). The tightening will continue in the next 3-6 months. According to a recent study supported by histological analyses, the CO2 laser is the most efficient mean of the safe skin rejuvenation. To achieve the optimal result, guidelines are to be followed before and after the treatment.