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Skin renewing (Laser rejuvenation)

Lasers in the aesthetic surgery

The energy of the laser beam can be regulated with utmost preciseness, in conformity with the procedure. This new cutting edge technique gained its place among the conventional procedures. The laser light contracts the collagen fibres and the skin becomes tighter. The treatment is safe and painless due to the cooled laser tip. The treatment is recommended for those, who want to achieve visible improvement on the face, neck, décolleté without surgery. 

The final result can be seen sometimes only some months after the procedure, because the rebuilding and strengthening of the skin’s collagen need some time. Many women’s dream may come true, because facial surgery can be postponed for ten years, in the meantime they can preserve the original facial features. 

Laser rejuvenation can be successful on skin exposed to sunshine, excess solarium, environmental radiation.

The carbon dioxide laser, “gold standard” of skin rejuvenation

The CO₂ laser is very efficient in skin rejuvenation. the following conditions can be treated efficiently:
  • large pores 
  • aged, wrinkled, droopy skin (face, neck, décolleté, hand)
  • pigmented spots
  • scars, acne, etc.
  • crow's feet ,other wrinkles 
  • rosacea
  • skin growths
  • sun damaged skin