Protruding, too big or asymmetric ears can be a problem even at early ages. It is the best to wait until 5-7 years with the surgery. At this age due to the bullying even the child wants the change.

Later patients want to change hairstyle. Many adolescents have the hair already before the surgery cut, however it is not a precondition to the surgery.
The procedure can be administered under local anaesthesia, without pain, as an outpatient surgery.
The headband-like bandage will be on for 7 days, day and night.. Stitches are removed in 7-10 days from surgery. The surgery doesn’t affect the hearing.  An unnoticeable tiny scar will remain behind the ear. No scar will be seen in the auricle.

It is usual to splint babies’ protruding ears. If ear splinting is carried out during the first four weeks of life (the neonatal period), it can be effective. Later in the childhood this method doesn’t help. 

About the surgery

Otoplasty is typically performed as ambulatory surgery, under local anaesthesia. There is no more pain than the numbing pin pricks. Incision is made behind the ear therefore it will always be hidden. After the surgery bandage is placed on the wound, the ear will be tamponed, and a headband-like bandage will also be applied. The bandage cannot be removed for about 7 days, before removal of the stitches.


Recurrence occurs rarely:  – the fold on the cartilage straightens and correction may be necessary.