Male breast correction

Nowadays there is an increasing demand in male breast correction, due to the following reasons: men are increasingly striving for the perfect body image and the pathologic male breast development (gynaecomastia) is becoming more and more common.

What is gynaecomastia?

Male breast, likely to female breast, consists of two parts: glandular tissue and fat tissue. In case of a real gynecomastia breast prominence is generally due to hypertrophy of glandular tissues, pseudogynecomastia means that breast prominence is due solely to excessive adipose or to obesity. 

What are the causes?

Gynaecomastia may have multiple root causes. The male organ also produces female hormones, generally in a small quantity. Under certain conditions the production of female hormones may increase, causing the enlargement of the breast tissues. This may occur even under healthy conditions, e.g. in new born male babies, in the puberty. Gynaecomastia can also be caused by chronic diseases (liver, hormone imbalances) or by medications anabolic steroids, diuretics, and drug abuse.


Treatment depends on the causes.  If there is no underlying health condition, or it cannot be changed, surgery is recommended. 

Surgical solution

Hypertrophy of fat tissues, can be improved with liposuction.  Unfortunately in most of the cases gland is to be removed as well. A semi-circular incision is to be made on skin, generally by the lower edge of the areola, because later its scare will be less noticeable.

About the surgery

It can be carried out as outpatient surgery, under local anaesthesia. Compresses, drain tube for some days will be placed on the surgery site. If the surgery was carried out under general anaesthesia, it is recommended to spend one night at the clinic. After 8 days the stitches are usually removed. Before removal of stitches, any contact with water is to be avoided.