Facial Surgery

The body’s first line of defence is the skin. It protects not only against environmental impacts, but determines our appearance as well. The appearance of the skin is influenced by environmental impacts beyond genetic factors. Ageing starts already after twenty by decrease of collagen production. When growing older, the flexibility of the skin is diminishing.

The modern facial reconstruction (face lifting) operations strive for application of procedures affecting several layers of the face, providing long-lasting results in the possibly most natural way, without any cicatrisation expressed by permanent damage. The goal is that the skin, the fatty tissue under the skin, the muscles and the interstitial tissue should as far as possible participate successfully in the correction. Striving has also to be made for avoiding occurrence of sharp borders and, each area has to be treated as a functionally coherent unit. In this manner, correction of crinkles, wrinkles caused by the muscle operation is possible. When no skin redundancy exists, the operations can be accomplished through tiny cuts, either by means of camera, endoscope and other special procedures.

The majority of the operations are performed with special anesthetization techniques. This is possible with use of creams for superficial operations – such as removal of wrinkles by laser, rejuvenation treatment of the skin surface, etc. – whilst the operations affecting bigger areas are carried out under general anaesthesia.