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Plastic surgery, surgery of veins

Plastic surgery is an amazing mixture of contemporary art and medical sciences.
Ladies have big breasts made to mimic celebs and men undergo plastic surgery to be similar to an idol – it is not the only purpose of plastic surgery. Reconstruction of inborn or later acquired disfigurements, improvements of visible signs of ageing are also of prime importance. Medical sciences are continuously developing and together with restorative surgery aesthetic surgery have become an integral part of mainstream medicine.

There are several kinds and procedures of plastic surgery. It is always recommended to gather as much information as you can about the procedure, possible complications, long term consequences, and it is worth to consult more plastic surgeons prior to the surgery.

There are historical evidences of plastic surgeries nearly 4000 years ago. The Egyptians were also one of the first people to perform plastic cosmetic surgery. These surgeries were carried out mainly on the aristocrats; even that time a standard of appearance was expected in the upper classes. 

Suitable qualifications, experiences and skills of the plastic surgeon are of great importance for the patient. Regarding, that this specialty is a kind of art as well, it is worth to check the previous operations of the surgeon. It is also worth to clarify, whether the surgeon interprets the relevant plastic surgery as the patient would like.

When performing breast augmentation, some plastic surgeons make appealing round breasts, in the meantime others are aiming at more natural look. The outcome depends on the patient’s expectations and physical characteristics.

Surgical experience is also a very important factor, because surgical techniques and devices are continually developing. New procedures are arising to reach the best possible results. Experienced, competent, well qualified, continually trained surgeon is the safest choice.
The best is to choose the plastic surgery instructor (it generally involves additional costs) 

Plastic and vein surgery procedures at our clinic: