Post and core

Post crown placement is an option to save broken teeth, if such a small portion is remaining from the original crown which cannot be restored other way. In the long term keeping natural teeth as long as possible is the best. Replacement can be made later, with implant, or with bridge on the adjacent teeth.
When the upper part of the tooth is broken, but the root can be saved, the tooth can be built up by the aid of a post, inserted into the root. After inserting the post, a crown can be seated onto; the adjacent teeth remain intact, there is no need of bridge making. Root canal treatment is necessary before inserting the post.
If the root of the broken tooth is curved, or partially broken under gum line - post and core cannot be made. Molars with multiple root canals, if the root canals are too narrow, make difficult or impossible to insert a post and core. 

Stages of making post and core

The procedure starts by patient’s and dentist’s joint decision, preceded by the thorough examination of the tooth. The root must be prepared to receive the post. The root canal is treated and filled then the post is selected. The upper part of the filling is removed, to make space for the post, but the lower part must remain hermetically sealed. Depending on the used post, it can be carried out in one session, using pre-fabricated post. When tailored post, manufactured by dental technician will be used, two or more sessions may be necessary. After fixing the post, temporary crown can be fitted, as a visual solution until the final crown will be made.