Hollywood smile easily – porcelain veneers

Lumineers is a brand name for special ceramic shells, what are fitted to teeth surfaces, by special procedure, with special material. Veneered teeth are durable, natural looking.

Why is it so special?
                      • 2 mm thickness (contact lens)
                      • made by computer aid technology, with utmost preciseness
                      • no grinding of healthy teeth, no need of anaesthesia, there is no pain
                      • dream colour and shape can also be made-it is a veritable smile design
                      • in many cases more simple and comfortable than conventional procedures
                      • safe, well proved Hollywood technique
                      • 20 years life expectancy
                      • 5 years manufacturer’s warranty
                      • manufactured in California.

What kind of correction are veneers suitable for?

  • correction of one dental surface
  • close gaps between teeth
  • cover remaining stains
  • replacement of broken edges
  • tooth lengthening
  • correction of malocclusion
  • removing minimal tooth structure complete porcelain crown can be made as well 
  • it is not always necessary to replace crowns, bridges in good conditions needing only colour improvement, because LUMINEERS® can be safely fitted to them 

Complete smile correction (SMILE FROM HOLLYWOOD)

Treatment plan:
1. session:
Assessment of patient’s needs, photo documentation, impression taking from both jaws.

2. session:
4 weeks after the first session, because the ready-made LUMINEERS® are arriving from California. Some adjustments are made, if necessary and the veneers are fitted to the teeth, photo documentation is made.
3. Session

Necessary only, if a great number of Lumineers are to be placed.