Other tooth whitening procedures

Bicarbonate polishing - BIO WHITENING

We restore the original whiteness of your teeth using natural materials and technology protecting the environment and your teeth.

This treatment is warmly recommended for smokers and coffee drinkers!

Teeth are gradually loosing original whiteness due to ageing or habits.
These days, this more or less natural process has been accelerated, due to environmental conditions.
Smoking, coffee, drinks, beverages, medicines, even tooth care products may discolour teeth.
This procedure can be performed only after plaque removal, and treatment of periodontitis and parodontitis. 

The complete treatment consists of 2 sessions:
1. session: plaque removal, polishing, assessment of conditions.
2. session: bicarbonate polishing, stain removal

These procedures remove stains quickly and efficiently, making your teeth even more shades lighter!

Tooth whitening at home

Tooth whitening at home is a popular aesthetic procedure. Not invasive and efficient, completely safe under dentist’s supervision.
Clinically proved, if properly used doesn’t damage teeth, gum, fillings or oral mucosa.

Only totally healthy teeth and gum can be whitened, therefor the procedure is preceded by the assessment of oral conditions.
If everything is in order or the eventual disorder has been eliminated, impression of the teeth is taken for making a tailored splint.
Whitening gel is selected in conformity with patient’s teeth and sensitivity.