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Lasers in dermatology

Nowadays increasing number of surgeries can be performed with laser devices quickly, precisely, in some cases without anaesthesia and without pain. Hospital stay is not necessary; patients can leave on the day of the surgery. Laser surgery is a solution to remove regretted tattoos, port-wine stains, warts, birthmarks, dilated capillaries, pigmented spots or to reduce considerably the growing number of wrinkles.

The surgical site can be directly targeted with laser that is an important benefit of this technique. The laser beam hits the surgical site, its energy heats to boiling point the soft tissues with high water content and vaporizes them. There is less blood, smaller surgeries are entirely blood free, because the laser beam seals the veins smaller than 0,5 mm in diameter. There is no infection after laser surgeries because only the light beam contacts the tissues. Contrary to surgeries with conventional or electric scalpel, where post operative pain is natural and indicates pain medication; after laser surgeries post-operative pain occurs rarely.

New special lasers are used in the Gáspár Medical Center mainly for the facial cosmetic treatments.

Tattoos can be removed with laser. Tattoos are generally meant for life-time; tattoo ink is placed beneath the top layer of the skin. There are many methods to get rid of them: chemicals, excision with scalpel or electric scalpel etc. These procedures generally leave big scars behind.

The high output laser impulses are absorbed in the pigments, without or scarcely damaging the surrounding tissues. Lasers break down the ink in the tattoo; the broken-down ink is then carried away by the white blood cells. The discolouration fades and disappears after some treatments almost without trace. Removal of large tattoos requires considerable time.
The other type of laser removal is the so called non-selective removal, the ErYAG, the carbon dioxide and other lasers are suitable for this purpose. In this procedure the pigments are vaporized together with a minimal quantity of surrounding tissues; the wound heals in 3-4 weeks. It is unnecessary to stitch the wound so there won’t be suture traces. Smaller tattoos (smaller than 10-15 cm) can be removed in one session. Smaller tattoos (smaller than 10-15 cm) can be removed in one session. The removal of extremely large palm-size or bigger tattoo spots would require some hours. A scar similar to that of the incised wound will be left behind. A scar similar to that of the incised wound will be left behind. With appropriate after care this scar will nearly be invisible; the colour and touch differ only slightly from the environment. The scare fades gradually in a year after surgery.

Non artificial pigment spots can be removed nearly without trace, and wrinkled, uneven skin can be smoothed. The “Erbium” laser is used for this purpose; emits laser beam to the appropriate layer of the skin, to evaporate the pigment cells and to stimulate the forming of the new, even skin surface. With this laser, the uneven skin surface (e.g. after acnes) can be smoothed out. This laser procedure needs only an anaesthetic crème not an injection when correcting superficial skin irregularities

Superficial dilated capillaries and port-wine stains can be removed with special laser devices as well. This device is called argon laser. Contrary to the conventional procedures the emitted laser beam doesn’t damage the veins; it is absorbed in the haemoglobin and eliminates the small dilated capillaries. Argon laser is also used for facial treatments, for the correction and traceless eradication of imperfections.

Laser skin rejuvenation 

The appropriate laser can ensure an excellent aesthetic outcome if the treatment is made by a professional. The procedures are gentle, non-invasive; healing is nearly scar free in most of the cases. For this reason not only general practitioners, physicians or surgeons but dermatologists, cosmetologists, maxillofacial surgeons, aesthetic and plastic surgeons and professionals of the cosmetic industry are applying lasers for aesthetic purposes
In spite of the common belief there is no laser suitable for all kind of procedures. On the contrary, a growing number of various sophisticated laser devices appear.

A/ Carbon dioxide laser

The CO2 laser is absorbed in the water content of the tissues
Vaporizes the aged skin cells, a thin layer of the skin on eyelids, face and hand.
Precisely dosed light beam peels by layers (cell lines) the skin surface. The new epithelial layer appears in 8-10 days, building a young, new layer instead of the vaporized one. The mild redness fades and the wrinkles considerably smooth out. Wrinkles around the mouth, on the eyelids and on the forehead; age spots and other discolouration can efficiently be treated with this laser. ErYAG laser is also used in wrinkle removal and smoothing of uneven skin surfaces. During 2-3 months after surgery application of high-factor sunscreen ointment is absolutely necessary when going outside; and it is advisable to avoid direct exposure to sunshine. It is recommended to have these treatments in the autumn and winter made! The laser beam itself cannot make deep wrinkles disappear! Different procedures are to be combined.

B/Special diode laser

The diode laser light is absorbed in dark coloured substances. This device is suitable for permanent epilation, fading of freckles, pigmented spots, and tattoos, among others

C/KTP and ARGON laser

The laser light is mainly absorbed in the haemoglobin, so they are suitable to treat and fade port-wine stains, spider veins, vascular birthmarks, dilated capillaries.

D/DIODE lasers

Their application is rapidly widening. Among others they are suitable for the following procedures: treatment of aphtha, herpes, veins; removal of acne, unwanted hair, removal of many other lesions, skin rejuvenation. 

Spots of other colours may appear on the same site if non-suitable devices or lasers have been used to remove the disorder. This condition is not only aesthetically disadvantageous but it is to be treated the soonest possible. That’s why it is not unimportant, who and where performs the cosmetic treatment and with what device.
We mentioned only the most important laser types. Laser devices are very expensive, consequently laser treatments are not cheap, but they are affordable.

There are options of payment by instalments (e.g. services of the MEDIC EDIT RT). Plastic surgeries, dental treatments laser procedures can be financed in this construction, among others Impeccable appearance, embellished face, young dynamic look, maybe the price is the same as that of a beautiful garment; you can take off your garment and can even buy a new one but it doesn’t apply to your skin.