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GMC club card

Gáspár Medical Center issues Bronze, Silver and Golden Club Cards. In the offices of the clinic and at the reception detailed information is available about the cards and the related discounts. The present price list contains only some items, for information purposes; the detailed price list is at your disposal at the reception and in the offices of the clinic. 

Doctors participating at our trainings or referring patients to our clinic receive GMC Club Card points as well; club card holders receive discounts from the training prices.

Card types, points earned, discount rates:

10 points: Bronze Card, up to 5 % discount; 250 points: Silver Card, up to 10 % discount; 1000 points: Golden Card, up to 15 % discount

Discounts will be granted from labour costs and services, discount rates are varying according to categories A-B-C-D-E. Pricelists contain the list price, the cathegory of the service and the bronze, silver, gold card prices as well.

GMC Business Club Card can be issued for corporate partners, in the frame of a separate contract.

Corporate partners 

Gáspár Medical Center (GMC) issues Bussiness Club Card for the corporate partners that can be redeemed in conformity with the terms of the contract between GMC and the respective company. 

Terms and conditions of the Business 
Club Card will be laid down in a contract between GMC and the respective company. The said contract will be deposited at the company’s secretariat and at GMC’s reception as well.

Terms and conditions of the GMC Club Card are at your disposal in the offices and at the reception of the Gáspár Medical Center.