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The Ecto Derma Polyclinic voucher is a bonus card of 2.000 Ft. At the first appointment of new patients it is a one-time bonus or it can be a gift in various actions (participants of trainings, other actions). The management provides certain persons with personalized vouchers for marketing purposes. At the first appointment they receive a price reduction of 2.000 Ft. 

Date of issue is stamped on the voucher; the voucher can be used within 3 months from date of issue.
Only the named person can redeem the voucher. Non-transferable, cannot be cumulated, cannot be used for product purchase. 

In case of corporate partners the “Cégnév” field (Company name) on the backside will be filled.

In other cases it is recommended to fill this.
On the backside there is an identification number. The identification number is always allocated to the cardholder’s name. 

When paying any service above 5.000 Ft the voucher will be used as cash substitute and the patient pays the amount reduced by 2.000 Ft, in cash, by transfer or bank card. Invoice will be set up about the effectively paid reduced amount.

The voucher is redeemable for trainings as well.