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Soft laser therapy

Enhancement of wound healing is the most important benefit of soft laser (SLT) therapy.
It is a very efficient additional therapy to the treatment of dermatologic conditions and to
minor interventions, surgeries. Soft laser therapy is recommended for many conditions in
dermatology and cosmetology, for example:

The herpes is a very common condition.
Mostly appears on the upper lip with swelling and pain. The herpes regularly recurs on every
fourth, fifth person; neither general, nor local medication has been developed. This disorder
spontaneously heals in 8-14 days. The soft laser therapy is most efficient in the hours before
the appearance of the skin lesions. That time the patient feels the typical tingling, itching pain
preceding the visible outbreak of the herpes. If a daily SLT therapy with visible laser light
starts that time the lesion generally heals on the third day.
Laser therapy reduces not only the time of the discomfort to 2-4 days, but recurrence by 50%.