Beauty-Health Cheque

Patients (including family members) corporate partners can buy Beauty-Health cheque at the Ecto Derma Polyclinic (Gáspár Medical Center). You can pay the clinic’s services by this cheque and you will receive 5% discount from the list price of the services*. 

You can pay all services, treatments, surgeries of the clinic by this cheque: dentistry, oral surgery, plastic surgery, laser treatments and surgeries, dermatology, allergology, otolaryngology.

We recommend this cheque for Ladies and Gentlemen, for parents and children; as a present for birthday, Christmas and wedding. Its is an ideal gift because it is redeemable for a wide range of medical and health services suited to everyone’s taste and necessities: ultrasound scan, plaque removal, screenings, tooth whitening, ultrasound scan laboratory tests etc. Furthermore we recommend the cheque for our corporate partners as an additional allowance, gift, year-end bonus for the employees.
Use of the cheque 

Ecto Derma Polyclinic issues this cheque in three face values:15.000 Ft; 25.000 Ft; 35.000 Ft. On demand, the cheque can be issued in any face value above 2000 Ft. 

Frequently asked questions:

What is the Beauty-Health Cheque?

It is a transferable cashless payment solution (not personalized, you can give it away).

Beauty-Health cheque - terms and conditions 

Anyone can buy Szépség-Egészség (Beauty-Health) cheque but it can be used only at the Ecto Derma Polyclinic before expiry. Validity of the cheque: 1 calendar year (365 days) from the date of issue. Before the expiry you can extend the validity of the cheque by another 6 months. 

If you don’t extend the validty of your cheque it can be redeemed in 80% of the face value for another 6 months; later than 6 months after expiry the cheque cannot be redeemed. 

The cheque can be used at the Ecto Derma Polyclinic (Gáspár Medical Center). You can pay by cheque any service of the clinic.

If the service is cheaper than the face value, we hold the difference as a credit for later use. The cheque is neither partially nor totally redeemable for cash. If the services cost more than the face value, the difference is payable in cash, by bank card, healthfund cards, Üdülési Csekk, Wellness Ticket etc. 

You can buy cheque for yourself or as a gift; named or without name. 

When purchasing the cheque we set up an invoice about the whole face value; consequently when using the cheque, no further invoices can be issued.

*5 % discount is not valid for products, as for example: toothbrush, mouth rinse, prostetic works, and bite raise appliance.